Assessment Dues

Regarding Assessment Dues:

  • The annual amount due is $250
  • The assessment is due January 1st
  • The assessment is late after January 31st
  • Mail the assessment to:
    • Roberts Ridge HOA, P.O. Box 5722, Lafayette, IN 47903
  • Paying the assessment late will lead to additional late fees, processing fees, and potential lien placed on the property.
  • Members should communicate with the Board of Directors well before January 31st if they determine that they are having difficulty or will be late.

What is the amount of the current Homeowner’s Association Assessment?
$250 per year

When are the Homeowner’s Association Assessment payments due and late?
Due – January 1 st Late – after January 31 st

Where to send the Assessment payment?
Roberts Ridge Homeowners Association
P. O. Box 5722
Lafayette, IN 47903

If the Homeowner’s Association Assessment payment will be late.
Members should communicate with the Board of Directors well before January 31 st if they are having
difficulty paying the Assessment on time.

Who are the current Board of Directors?
 Joey Woodyard, President
 John Laws, Vice President
 Bruce Young, Treasurer
 Dave Storz, Secretary
 Randy Martin, Architectural Control

How do I contact the Board of Directors?
You may correspond with the Board of Directors by emailing us at
Correspondence to this email address is directed to all of the Directors. We are your neighbors so feel
free to talk with us while in the neighborhood, such as while working in our yards, or are out walking
around the neighborhood, or checking the mail. Please refrain from bringing HOA business to our
homes, are homes are not the HOA’s office.

What are the Homeowners Association Assessment dues used for?
 Lawn mowing, lawn treatment, mulching, and tree or shrub maintenance of the Common Areas
 Water treatment maintenance of retention ponds
 Electrical power for the street lights
 Post Office Box for mail
 Legal services, as required
 Homeowners Association website updating maintenance
 Postage, office supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses
 Liability insurance for the Association

How many Lots are in the Roberts Ridge subdivision?

Is the Concord Ridge subdivision across county road 450 S associated with Roberts Ridge?
No. Each are separate subdivisions having separate homeowner’s associations.